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Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue

Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue

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If those decorative concrete lion statues (or cute little mischievous gnomes) flanking your home / manor's entrance aren't quite imposing enough, then check out these cool new Lifesize Metal Doberman Statues. These stately and quite vicious looking 3D metal art Doberman Pinscher statues are inspired by low-polygon papercraft models, except these are handcrafted from high-strength, black powder-coated steel for maximum intimidation. They may not stop a full blown home invasion, but, from a distance, might scare off a few nosey neighbors or porch pirates scoping out a package on your front porch with the cat food you ordered.

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Batman Shakespeare Bust Life-Size Replica
You can finally have your very own 1960s Batman Shakespeare Bust Life-Size Replica that really works!
Faux Stone Marble Floor Lamp
Large faux marble stone boulders that illuminate from within to give any room a bit of natural serene ambiance.
Terrifying Zombie Head Planter
This cool new Terrifying Zombie Head Planter is the perfect combination of horror and horticulture.
Sinking Mug
This cool new mug appears as if it's sinking down into a table or rising up from deep within if you're more of a positive person.
Keep Quiet Tree Frog Peeker Sculpture
At first glance, one might notice this adorable little tree frog hanging from a limb and believe that it's actually shushing them with a finger to its mouth to keep quiet.
Iceberg Side Table
This stunning sculptural table / stool is meticulously crafted from fiberglass and resin to depict an iceberg half submerged underwater.
King Edison Pendant Chandelier Lamp
At first glance, it may seem like a hand blown clear glass lightbulb pendant lamp hanging from a braided silken cable, but look closer and you'll see that it's actually being illuminated from within by a suspended miniature brass chandelier.
Gigantic Mountain Forest Fireball Fire Pit
This massive sculptural fire pit is a six foot sphere handcrafted in Tennessee from plate steel with an iron oxide patina finish that lets the flickering flames of the inferno inside outline the hand-cut mountain forest trees like a raging wildfire.

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Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
A massively festive 12 foot tall nutcracker soldier that is perfect to stand guard and watch over the rest of your holiday decorations.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
Fight off and destroy squadrons of annoying mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other assorted flying insect pests in a more discreet and whimsical way.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
Octopuses (octopi is unfortunately the incorrect term) have eight magnificent arms that could be quite handy if they ever decided to help humans out up here on the land, but I guess this cool new Cast Iron Octopus Table Topper can at least hold tea cups and jewelry until then.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
This fun island-inspired serving bowl is held up by a festive party parrot made from hand-painted aluminum.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
Four whimsical little Halloween figures that need your freshly-carved jack o' lanterns for heads. There's a skeleton, a witch, a grim reaper, and a scarecrow version.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
Way cooler than having a real bear in your home, living or stuffed, and could be fun to dress them up or randomly use them for heart-stopping pranks.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
A three section yard statue that creates the illusion that a scaled spiky tail of a mystical gigantic dragon is breeching the surface of your lawn.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
While it may look like it came from a massive tadpole or hopped off a humongous lily pad near a nuclear reactor, this gigantic frog is actually just a statue.
Lifesize Doberman Dog 3D Metal Art Statue
Want to own a massive, lifesize Star Wars Clone Wars Yoda Statue for your home or office. It's the next best thing to training with the real greatest Jedi Master in the galaxy.

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