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Lifesize Michael Jackson's Thriller Werewolf

Lifesize Michael Jackson's Thriller Werewolf

Lifesize Michael Jackson's Thriller Werewolf


I'm not like other guys... No, I mean I'm different... Get away! - Michael Jackson, Thriller

Michael Jackson may not have been like other guys, but he did make great music and transformed into a totally kickass scary werewolf in the ultimate music video THRILLER. Well, now you can terrorize your neighborhood with your very own cool new Lifesize Thriller Werewolf that's sure to paralyze anyone who sees it lurking in the dark. This massive teenage hound from Hell comes outfitted in a stylish letterman jacket, blue jeans, and penny loafers and is realistically based off of Rick Baker's incredible make-up effects from the video. It features movie quality fur, resin eyes, teeth, and claws, a steel armature, and stands upon a pedestal base. It's a real Thriller, so Beat It.

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  • LIMITED EDITION - Fullsize 1/1 scale Thriller wolf
  • Based off of Rick Baker's make-up on Michael from the video Thriller.
  • Latex and poly foam - steel armature
  • Resin eyes/teeth/and claws
  • Custom outfit, including leather letterman's jacket and Burgundy penny loafers
  • NFT modacrylic Movie Quality Fur
  • Stands 5'11" - 6'11" with pedestal base

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