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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair

Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair

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Tired of lying around on a flat and lumpy Wampa Skin Rug? Then take a seat on the furry snow monster from the snowy planet Hoth itself with this cool new Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair. Yep, it's a giant bean bag chair shaped like a terrifying Wampa creature that comes complete with a detachable severed arm thanks to Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. It's the perfect lap to sit on while looking at your phone and complaining about Star Wars online. When finished, just slip into the belly of a Tauntaun for a good night's rest with the equally bizarre yet cool Tauntaun Sleeping Bag.

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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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Star Wars Wampa Bean Bag Chair
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