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Gentle Wave Lounge Chair - Floating on Water Simulator

Gentle Wave Lounge Chair - Floating on Water Simulator

It's the end of summer and soon the beaches and pools will be closing up for the season and sadly you'll need to deflate those rafts until next year. Well, now you can enjoy that sensation of floating on the water all year long with the cool new Gentle Wave Lounge.

This high-tech chair simulates the feeling of floating on water by gently undulating and pitching, while rocking you side to side and back and forth. It also features a zero-gravity design that lets you recline with your feet up above your heart, which, according to NASA, relieves back strain and facilitates oxygen and blood flow. If that doesn't sound comfortable enough, it also incorporates a relaxing massage from two 50-watt transducers that produce low frequency sound waves to penetrate deep tissues and muscles and the backrest, seat, and leg rest are filled with memory foam to relieve pressure points and provide therapeutic support. Sea sickness not included!

Although this would make a wonderful addition to any home during those unbearable winter months, I think it's $7,000 price tag still makes it cheaper to simply take an extended vacation to the islands.

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