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Dinosaur Lamps

Dinosaur Lamps

Dinosaur Lamps

If you feel that your boring old table lamp simply isn't ferocious enough, then unleash one of these cool new Dinosaur Lamps. These fun prehistoric table lamps are shaped like retro dinosaur toys and softly illuminate from within. Available in either a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex or a lovable long-necked Brontosaurus, each is crafted from highly detailed cold cast ceramic and includes a 7-watt bulb, making it perfect for a night light in a kid's room or any room that needs a little dinosaur accent lamp to liven up the decor.

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  • Each dinosaur lamp has a realistic look
  • Reminiscent of retro dinosaur toys
  • Makes an interesting accent lamp or a fun night light
  • Add prehistoric fun to your room's decor
  • Includes a 7-Watt bulb
  • Get in touch with your inner paleontologist
  • Cool accent light for any room
  • Cold cast ceramic
  • Size T-Rex: 6.5" W x 10.5" D x 9" H
  • Size Long Neck: 4" W x 13" D x 10" H

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