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Illuminated Craftsman Style Wooden Bird Feeder

Illuminated Craftsman Style Wooden Bird Feeder

Illuminated Craftsman Style Wooden Bird Feeder

Want to give your feathered friends the coolest spot in the neighborhood to hang out? This cool new Craftsman Prairie Style Wooden Bird Feeder is a wooden 3D puzzle kit that becomes a unique and stylish illuminated 4-sided bird feeder. Each kit is comprised of handmade laser cut pieces that easily snap together when assembled in the correct order, no glue or tools needed. The basic model comes with a quart-sized mason jar inside and bird seed, while the deluxe model also includes LED lighting so the birds can be seen at night and also because it just looks cool. Some assembly required can be a bad thing, but this actually looks fun to put together and would make a nice weekend project.

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  • Craftsman Prairie Style Bird Feeder Wooden 3D puzzle kit
  • Basic mode includes a full quart sized mason jar and bird feed, plus an eye hook to hang
  • Deluxe model also includes LED string lights
  • Plenty of room for birds to rest and hold on around the 4-sided platform
  • Glass jar inside will protect the food from rain
  • Smaller feeding holes will make it tougher for large predators to get to the seed
  • Just punch out the laser cut pieces and snap them together in the right order - no glue or tools needed

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