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Gothic Castle Birdhouse

Gothic Castle Birdhouse

Gothic Castle Birdhouse

Every haunted home and haunted castle needs a matching haunted birdhouse to scare away all the other wildlife in the backyard and/or cemetery, like this cool new Gothic Castle Birdhouse. This spooky birdhouse looks like a haunted house complete with a spinning dragon weathervane on the roof. It features a single entrance, a trap door on the back for easy cleaning, and turrets and dormers to complete the look. Perfect for songbirds, ghost songbirds, vampire songbirds, and zombie songbirds of all kinds.

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  • More like a birdcastle than a simple birdhouse
  • Designed with the look of a gothic castle
  • Single entrance near base of birdhouse
  • Turrets and dormers add to the dramatic look
  • Dragon-shaped weathervane at top spins in the breeze
  • Convenient trap-door on the back facilitates easy cleaning

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