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Hole Inn - Minimalist Concrete and Cork Birdhouse

Hole Inn - Minimalist Concrete and Cork Birdhouse

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Birds should really get with the times and update their outdated nest and tree hole home designs to something a bit more contemporary, but since they seem to be architecturally stuck forever in the past, it's up to us humans to provide them unique modern dwellings like this cool new Hole Inn from Utoopic. Combining a smooth white concrete housing and a rustic natural cork front entrance panel inspired by tree trunk burrows, this minimalist birdhouse is sure to be one of the hottest real estate properties in your neighborhood... amongst birds. It might even get a few compliments and possibly even jealous grumblings from any humans walking by. It features a removable panel for cleaning and can be installed anywhere outdoors from a wall to a tree, either vertically or horizontally.

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