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Royal Crested Gigantic Wine Glass

Royal Crested Gigantic Wine Glass

Royal Crested Gigantic Wine Glass

Put down that tacky gold goblet and drink like true royalty when you sip your wine from this cool new Royal Crested Gigantic Wine Glass. This pewter-crested wine glass is not only fit for a King or Queen, it holds an entire bottle of wine that even knights after a glorious battle would enjoy. It's a nice drinking vessel for us commoners as well. It's made from hand-blown glass emblazoned with a pewter crest of your initial upon the side and holds a whopping 750mL to tame even mightiest of thirsts. Perfect for drinking wine while strolling through your chateau's vineyards, tasting wine deep down in your castle's wine cellar, or just watching Game of Thrones or similar medieval fare on your sofa throne.

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