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Wine Ratchet Magnum by Built NY

Wine Ratchet Magnum by Built NY

How many different tools have wine lovers invented to pull out that pesky cork? I have no idea, but here's another interesting one. The cool new Wine Ratchet Magnum by Built NY uses a unique ratcheting handle to sink its corkscrew into the wine bottle cork. It comes with two different sized screw bits for different cork lengths and includes a stainless steel hook foil cutter inside the handle.


  • Includes: ratcheting handle, foil hook, 2 screwbits, & storage container
  • Ergonomic cast steel handle
  • Stainless steel foil hook nests in handle
  • 2 interchangeable stainless steel screwbits for pulling any cork: 1-7/8 inch wire screwbit for older, longer corks 1-5/8 inch auger screwbit for younger, shorter corks

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