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Create A Castle - Sand or Snow Castle Split Mold Building Set

Create A Castle - Sand or Snow Castle Split Mold Building Set

Create A Castle - Sand or Snow Castle Split Mold Building Set

With this cool new Create A Castle Building Set, you and your kids can build professional looking sand and snow castles with ease. This modular split mold castle making system works by latching two mold halves together, packing with wet sand or snow, and then unlatching to reveal a perfect castle tower. Use the included multi-tool to make flat edges, the window tool to make windows in the tower, and the block to create the top of the castle. When finished, admire your work before jumping on it and place all the pieces back in the included mesh carrying case. Way more fun than making boring and bland sand bucket castles.

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  • Modular split-mold sand castle system for building a tower and adding windows and battlements
  • Either on the beach or in a pile of snow, you can create a castle just like the professionals do
  • Anyone can look like a professional sand castle builder with this kit
  • 2-piece tower molds latch together - pack them with sand and unlatch to reveal a perfect tower
  • Each piece can be stacked on top of one another allowing your castle towers to sore to new heights
  • Mesh Backpack for Easy Storage
  • It has never been this easy to build a sand castle to this level of detail so quickly and easily
  • multi purpose tool to help pull all of the sand or the snow together, or even cut pieces for a flat edge
  • The block is used to help design the tops of the castles, creating towering battlements
  • window cutter that allows you to create the impression of a window in the tower

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