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Easy Access Potato Pot Planter

Easy Access Potato Pot Planter

Easy Access Potato Pot Planter

If you love growing unique vegetables in containers on your patio, then try your luck growing potatoes with this cool new Potato Pot Planter from the Exaco Trading Company. These unique potato planters contain an inner nested pot with large access holes on the sides that allow easy harvesting of the spuds without disturbing the root ball. Just lift, pick, and replace. So, sure you could just run down to the supermarket to buy a huge sack of potatoes, but that's just not as much fun as growing your own.

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  • Grow Potatoes Anywhere, Easily!
  • This potato pot planter features a pot nested in a pot
  • Inner container has large access holes which allows for easy harvest of grown potatoes from the side
  • Growing pot with holes inside a planter
  • Allows for easy removal of grown potatoes from the side
  • Less disturbance of the "root ball" of the plant
  • Stimulates a longer production season
  • Holds 12 dry quarts of potting mix
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Size: 12.75" Diameter x 10" H

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