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H Potter Glass Terrarium Planter

H Potter Glass Terrarium Planter

H Potter Glass Terrarium Planter

In the 1800s, before terrariums, Wardian cases were like miniature greenhouses that were used for transporting and protecting plants and flowers being imported into Europe. Now you too can showcase your own tiny gardens, plants, and blooms inside Wardian-inspired cases in the modern age with this cool new H Potter Barrel Vault Terrarium. This beautiful, built-to-last metal and glass terrarium planter features a removable curved glass roof, stunning ornate brass trim, a rustproof cast resin base, and glass that is 3mm thick. It's not only perfect for growing plants like orchids, ferns, violets, ivies, mosses, fairy gardens, and more, it can also be used to put decorative objects and collectibles on display as well.

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  • 100% real curved glass roof - Removable for easy maintenance
  • Reminiscent of a Wardian Case
  • Brass trim across rooftop
  • Ornate trim adds to the whimsical feel
  • Detailing on the sides enhance the miniature garden you create inside
  • Glass is 3 mm thick
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Built to last
  • Cast resin base will not rust - 3.25 inches deep
  • Terrarium resin base has a felt bottom
  • Within the cast resin base are ledges for your terrarium to rest upon
  • Made with lead-free solder to protect you and the environment
  • Easy access to water or mist plants and/or moss
  • Includes: resin tray, middle house section, and curved glass roof
  • Can also be a decorative showcase for collectibles or antiques
  • Terrarium planting instructions included
  • Size: 17" L x 11.5" W x 22" H

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