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Apple Bird Feeders

Apple Bird Feeders

Apple Bird Feeders

If you want to be a bit more discrete with your bird feeding, then hang one of these cool new Apple Bird Feeders from your tree. These unique ceramic bird feeders are shaped like red Macintosh and green Granny Smith apples and camouflage naturally amongst the branches and leaves. They feature a poly-coated hanging wire, drainage holes to keep the seed dry and hold 2 cups of bird seed each. These apples may look temptingly delicious hanging from the tree, but remember they're just for the birds.

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  • Holds 2 cups of bird seed
  • Colorful and functional birdfeeders
  • Ceramic with poly-coated hanging wire
  • Drainage holes keep seed dry
  • Choice of Mac Red or Granny Green, sold individually
  • Birds can perch on opening or enter the feeder to eat
  • Size: 5.5" W x 5" H

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