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Gigantic Gothic Raven Statue

Gigantic Gothic Raven Statue

Gigantic Gothic Raven Statue

Who's that gently rapping and tapping at the chamber door? I bet you never expected to see a gigantic 5 foot tall statue of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven staring back at you. This cool new yet quite gothic inspired Giant Raven Statue is a massive 360 degree sculpture of a raven that's cat in high quality designer resin, hand-painted with realistic detail, and includes mounting plates for permanent installation. It's perfect for scaring off all other birds to your home, photo-ops, miniature golf course obstacle, coffee houses, haunted houses, Halloween pumpkin patches, or anywhere a humongous bird statue would seem appropriate. Unfortunately, it doesn't squawk "Nevermore!" at you.

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  • Straight from the eerie edges of a Gothic nightmare, this giant raven statue, immortalized in literature by Edgar Allan Poe, stands a striking full five feet tall!
  • 360 Degree sculpture
  • Cast in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength
  • Hand-painted in a dance of dark tones that highlight both his villainous face and winged torso
  • Large-scale, display-quality photo-op animal statue transforms any home, garden, restaurant, or Halloween pumpkin patch into something truly magnificent
  • Includes mounting plates for recommended permanent installation.
  • Size: 39" W x 21" D x 58.5" H - 43 lbs

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