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Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!

Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!

Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!


I see no better decorative accent to fill that certain something that's missing from your home or front lawn than this jaw-dropping Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue. This massive 16 foot tall replica statue of the infamous Alien Queen from ALIENS is one of only 5 ever made by Distortions back in the 90s. Originally crafted from the molds of the actual movie prop and now completely restored complete with a custom paint job, a whole new face sculpt with proper tendons, and a modification to make her stand upright. The head alone is 8 feet long! The only downside besides having an alien in your home, is that it might lay eggs, it's going to require a spectacularly huge room to display it in, and you're going to need Peter Weyland's deep pockets to even afford its $75,000 asking price. Shipping is free though, so there ya go. Hmm, this and a ripped in half Bishop android replica would really set the scene in your living room and pairs nicely with the equally cool Lifesize ALIEN Warrior Statue

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  • Only 5 of these crazy large queens were made by Distortions back in 90's
  • Used from the molds that FOX owned and licensed by Distortions
  • She is almost 16 feet tall - her head alone is over 8 feet long
  • Modified with a whole new face sculpt with proper tendons from the crown to the chin of the face
  • Amazing, detail and accuracy
  • Complete make over and custom paint job including steel leg stand to help stand the queen upright
  • Queen has been modified to stand in full standing position
  • Comes complete with even its beyond huge tail
  • Comes in parts, 1 head, 1 body, 2 large arms and 2 small arms, 2 large legs, 1 long tail, 6 back spikes
  • Requires tall strong ceiling for steel wires to hold queen up - one leg has a steel support base
  • Shipped in 3 large boxes

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