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Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!

Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!

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I see no better decorative accent to fill that certain something that's missing from your home or front lawn than this jaw-dropping Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue. This massive 16 foot tall replica statue of the infamous Alien Queen from ALIENS is one of only 5 ever made by Distortions back in the 90s. Originally crafted from the molds of the actual movie prop and now completely restored complete with a custom paint job, a whole new face sculpt with proper tendons, and a modification to make her stand upright. The head alone is 8 feet long!

The only downside besides having an alien in your home, is that it might lay eggs, it's going to require a spectacularly huge room to display it in, and you're going to need Peter Weyland's deep pockets to even afford its $75,000 asking price. Shipping is free though, so there ya go. Hmm, this and a ripped in half Bishop android replica would really set the scene in your living room and pairs nicely with the equally cool Lifesize ALIEN Warrior Statue

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Maltese Falcon Statue - Screen Accurate Prop Replica
No matter whether you're a huge fan of the 1941 Humphrey Bogart film noir flick The Maltese Falcon or you just want to get your hands on the ultimate MacGuffin in film history, now you too can end your quest to get your hands upon a screen accurate lifesize prop replica of the 1941 Maltese Falcon Statue.
Gorilla Bank
There's nothing wrong with an old-fashioned piggy bank, but if you want something tougher, more menacing and not so obvious protecting your rainy day savings, then leave the pork to bacon and Congress and get yourself one of these cool new Gorilla Banks.
Cast Iron Octopus Tea Cup / Jewelry Holder
Octopuses (octopi is unfortunately the incorrect term) have eight magnificent arms that could be quite handy if they ever decided to help humans out up here on the land, but I guess this cool new Cast Iron Octopus Table Topper can at least hold tea cups and jewelry until then.
Life-Sized Animated Reindeer Statue
This life-sized plush reindeer has an animated head that looks around in different directions and plays relaxing instrumental Christmas music in the background.
Gnarled and Twisted Ent Tree Statue
This crazy, Middle-Earth inspired garden sculpture is sculpted 360 degrees, crafted of durable, weather-resistant resin and then painstakingly hand-painted.
ALIEN Warrior Lifesize Statue
They say, in space no one can hear you scream, but they'll definitely hear you scream here on Earth when you bring a gigantic, life-sized ALIEN into your home.
Bunny Toilet Paper Holder
After an eventful sit on the throne, add a bit of whimsy to the experience by reaching for a sheet of toilet paper from this cute and helpful bunny.
Gigantic Halloween Gnome Statue
While it may look like a normal bearded gnome, this one stands an imposing 4.5 feet tall, wears a spooky witch hat, and probably won't chase you down. Probably.
Massive 18 Foot Tall Inflatable Frosty the Snowman
A massive 18 foot tall inflatable Frosty the Snowman for your front lawn that illuminates with a dazzling kaleidoscopic display of multi-colored lights.

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Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
This officially-licensed, astromech-inspired can cooler has an outer metal exterior featuring R2-D2's handsome features and a thick rubber inner lining for keeping cans inside a chilly Hoth-like cold.
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
These luxurious executive building blocks are handcrafted by Tiffany artisans from American walnut and sterling silver and come in a set of ten to play with at your desk.
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
This lifesize Ewok statue of Wicket can really help tie a room together in your home, treehouse, or home theater. Yub Nub!
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
While a lifesize adult Groot flowerpot would probably be way too large for your home, this baby Groot flowerpot is just right for growing small plants, succulents, cacti, and more right on top of his head.
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
These cool new yet quite a long, long time ago-inspired magnets look just like the droid restraining bolts attached to C-3PO and R2-D2 by Jawas in Star Wars: A New Hope. They're the perfect fridge magnets to keep papers, photos, finger paintings, Death Star plans, and even adventure-seeking droids from wandering off.
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
This winter, after trudging all day through the snow and sub-zero temperatures, possibly after escaping a devastating Wampa attack, snuggle up in the belly of this cool new Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag to keep yourself warm. Thankfully, unlike the original frozen carcass, this one doesn't smell bad on the inside!
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
When Miyagi-Do Karate just isn't do-ing it and Cobra Kai has gone way too wild, there's only one true karate dojo to join and that's ... *SPOILERS* Eagle Fang Karate! Yep, Sensei Johnny Lawrence wants all you misfit geeks, dorks, and nerds to come join him in the park and learn what real 80s karate is all about.
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
A life-sized prop replica of the famous three foot tall focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm / class 5 full roaming vapor / disgusting blob from the 1984 Ghostbusters flick.
Lifesize Queen ALIEN Statue - Stands 16 Feet Tall!
Here's an ominous piece of history that can be yours.

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