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Gigantic Green Frog Statue

Gigantic Green Frog Statue

Gigantic Green Frog Statue

This cool new Gigantic Green Frog Statue sort of blurs the lines between cute, whimsical, quirky, and terrifying. While it may look like it came from an equally massive tadpole or hopped off a humongous lily pad in water near a nuclear reactor, this huge, three foot tall green frog is actually just a statue cast from fiberglass-reinforced high quality designer resin that has been hand-painted in realistic detail. It's perfect for placing near a backyard pond, garden, or pool, in a biology classroom on frog dissection day, in front of a restaurant that serves frog legs, or just anywhere that will cause a fun double-take or two. It's also great for retail and business social media photo-ops. No, kissing it will not turn it into a giant prince and you probably shouldn't lick it either. Hmm, now I have this sudden urge to play arcade FROGGER! 🐸

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