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Star Wars AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill

Star Wars AT-AT Walker BBQ Grill

Planning on grilling up some tasty Ewok burgers, Tauntaun steaks, or a few roasted Porg this weekend? Then do it over the hot coals in one of these cool new Star Wars AT-AT Walker BBQ Grills. This miniature All Terrain Armored Transport has been repurposed to become a fiery BBQ grill instead of destroying Rebel bases and SnowSpeeders on frozen alien planets. Actually, these cool AT-AT grills are handcrafted here on Earth from mild steel using a 4mm precision cut laser and include an elevated charcoal rack, a warming rack, and fully removable grates. I also recommend smoked Gungan ears, seared Mon Calamari, and giant Rancor chops.


  • The iconic AT-AT Walker has been transformed in to the ultimate BBQ
  • Handcrafted in mild steel using 4mm precision cut laser profiles to capture that movie detailing
  • Designed using original movie blueprints
  • This metal beast is bound to the talking point of every gathering
  • Includes a charcoal rack to keep them elevated, a warming rack, and fully removable grates

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