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Allosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton - 55% Complete!

Allosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton - 55% Complete!

Allosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton - 55% Complete!

Tired of watching fake CGI movies, visiting museums, and venturing off to remote paleontological fossil dig sites to satisfy your total love of dinosaurs? Well, now you can own a real, non-working dinosaur of your very own with this cool new, er, quite prehistoric Allosaurus Jimmadseni Dinosaur Skeleton. The bones of this 150 million year old juvenile Allosaurus were discovered at Ten Sleep, Wyoming in the Morrison Formation and, even though it's only 55% complete, it's one of the best examples ever discovered. It measures over 15 feet long, stands over 5.5 feet tall, and the price tag says to "Inquire" first, so it's sure to impress any guest who wanders into the museum wing of your palatial estate. Hmm, like with everything else, you just know that as soon as you purchase this authentic dino skeleton, some eccentric billionaire will clone an actual living and breathing Allosaurus and auction it off for much cheaper two days later.

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  • Complete at 55% - One of the best examples of Allosaurus ever found!
  • Upper Jurassic (154-148 million years)
  • Discovered at Ten Sleep, Washakie County, Wyoming (United States of America)
  • Geological formation: Morrison
  • Size Skeleton: 15' L x 5.5' T x 1.75 W

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