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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue

Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue

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No matter whether it's Halloween, your home is like a museum, or you just really, really love dinosaurs, look no further than this cool new yet quite prehistoric T-Rex Skeleton Dinosaur Statue. This massive nine foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is not quite life-sized, but it's certainly large enough to be quite the imposing presence this Halloween. It features creepy piercing red LED-illuminated eyes (even though it's a skeleton) and terrifying dinosaur sound effects (even though it's a skeleton) as well. Check out the video below to see this Jurassic-era thunder lizard in action. 🦖

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Massive Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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Massive 9 Foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Statue
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