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Greenroof Teak Birdhouse

Greenroof Teak Birdhouse

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Rooftop gardens are becoming more and more popular with humans and now it seems with birds as well. The cool new Greenroof Teak Birdhouse is not only topped with a unique rooftop garden planter, it also provides your feathered friends with some extra durable and stylish shelter as well. This decorative birdhouse is solidly constructed from long-lasting, sustainably harvested teak and features a rooftop planter with proper drainage holes for succulents and other shallow-rooted plants, a 1-1/2" diameter entrance hole that's suitable for bluebirds, Carolina wrens, tree swallows and hairy woodpeckers and has a convenient door on back for easy cleaning. It's sure to make your tree the most popular in the neighborhood.

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