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Heated Birdbath

Heated Birdbath

Heated Birdbath

This cold winter season, help out your fellow feathered friends with this cool new Heated Birdbath. It not only attracts a large crowd of seasonal birds for some great bird watching, it provides life-saving open water for them to drink and wash with. Without regular cleaning, a bird's feathers actually lose the ability to insulate in cold weather.

This innovative 14" birdbath holds 12 cups of water and prevents it from freezing down to 20° below zero. It features a built-in thermostat, heat-absorbing foam insulation, a 13' power cord and even saves energy on warmer days. There are three versions available depending on where you would like to place it: ground-level, deck-mounted or staked.

I just know that one morning I will look out hoping to see some cardinals frolicking in the water, only to end up seeing an evil gang of squirrels relaxing in it like its a hot tub. Oh well, I guess that would be kind of fun to see too.

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  • Provides life-saving open water for bhttps://www.gardenersirds to drink and wash
  • Water won't freeze -- even at 20° below zero
  • Thermostat control prevents freezing and saves energy on warmer days
  • Bowl has heat-absorbing foam insulation
  • Bowl and powder-coated metal feet are weatherproof
  • 14" diameter - 13" power cord
  • Ground-level bath has a 3 footed stand for stability
  • Deck-mount bath clamps to any 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 railing
  • Standing bath is 43" H with ground stake
  • Holds 12 cups

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