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Whimsical Duck Feet Planter

Whimsical Duck Feet Planter

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Do you have a boring houseplant that needs a serious personality upgrade? Then turn it into a duck by planting it inside this cool new Kikkerland Large Duck Feet Planter. This whimsical, double-take-inducing planter from designer Diana Paisis puts an elevated planter on top of yellow duck legs and webbed feet. Each duck planter is handmade from porcelain and features a waterproof glazing on the inside and a bisque glazing on the outside. Best of all, it doesn't quack.

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Whimsical Duck Feet Planter
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Whimsical Duck Feet Planter
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Whimsical Duck Feet Planter
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Whimsical Duck Feet Planter
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Whimsical Duck Feet Planter
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