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Giant 8 Foot Tall Illuminated Ghost Stakes

Giant 8 Foot Tall Illuminated Ghost Stakes

Giant 8 Foot Tall Illuminated Ghost Stakes

This Halloween, if your home needs a few more ethereal apparitions wearing bedsheets to haunt the front lawn, then unleash a few of these cool new yet quite undead Extra Large Lighted Ghost Stakes. Standing an imposing 8 feet tall, these giant faux supernatural specters are supported in the ground with a sturdy metal H-stake, have an adjustable frame for posing, are shrouded in spooky gauzy polyester, and have heads that eerily glow at night. They're perfect for classic outdoor Halloween decorating especially next to laundry clotheslines, evil pranks along walking trails or cemeteries at night, or just for attracting other ghosts in the neighborhood.

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  • Ghost stands at 8' H for a striking look
  • Sturdy metal h-stake can be inserted into the ground easily
  • Lightweight, positionable frame makes this ghost easy to move and display any way you like
  • Set the timer and watch its head glow at night
  • Gauzy polyester shredded drapery
  • Requires 3x AA batteries, not included
  • Size: 17" L x 5" W x 96" H

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