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Lin Single Flower Split Bamboo Vase

Lin Single Flower Split Bamboo Vase

Lin Single Flower Split Bamboo Vase

Forget decorative flower arranging and display a singular flower in the most dramatic way with this cool new Lin Flower Vase from Japanese designer Yosuke Shimizu. Like a singular block of bamboo splitting from within, this unique vase lets your flower bud emerge seemingly from the inside. Made from expertly crafted laminated bamboo with a natural oil finish, this modern vase is sure to induce a few double takes.

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  • Designed by Yosuke Shimizu
  • Manufactured by Okayama Prefecture's Teori, a bamboo products specialist
  • Expertly laminated strips of bamboo produce a block split in two from which a single flower emerge
  • Natural oil finish
  • Materials: laminated bamboo
  • Size: 10.2" x 2.7" x 3.1"

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