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Terrifying Zombie Head Planter

Terrifying Zombie Head Planter

Terrifying Zombie Head Planter

This cool new Terrifying Zombie Head Planter is the perfect combination of horror and horticulture. This disturbing 3D-printed zombie bust planter features a gaping mouth stuck in a horrifying silent roar, evil blank eyes that seem to follow you anywhere you may try and hide, sickening looking rotten flesh that seems to be falling off the skull, and, instead of brains, a whimsical spot to grow a small houseplant so it looks like the zombie has a cool hairdo. It's perfect for any horror movie enthusiast with a green thumb or just get one to ensure your guests do a double-take before their blood runs cold and their spine begins to tingle. Please keep your fingers out of this undead planter's mouth, because you never be too safe around the living dead.

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