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Vertical Terracotta Herb Tower

Vertical Terracotta Herb Tower

Vertical Terracotta Herb Tower

A little horizontal herb garden in the kitchen can take up valuable space, but this cool new Terracotta Herb Tower saves it by going vertical. This decorative terracotta tower planter has 17 spots (16 on the sides and 1 on top) for growing fresh herbs or other small plants and flowers. Just fill it up with potting soil, plant your herbs in the openings, water from the top, and let the saucer on the bottom collect it.

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  • Efficiently designed terracotta herb tower grows herbs and other tiny edibles for kitchen and culinary use
  • Holds up to 17 small plants
  • Water plants through single central opening
  • Sixteen 1.25" side holes. One 4.5" hole on top
  • Size: 15" T x 6" (bottom) x 4" (top). Saucer: 8.5" x 3"

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