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Philips Livingcolors - 16 Million Color LED Lamp

Philips Livingcolors - 16 Million Color LED Lamp

The cool new Philips Livingcolors LED Lamp gives you over 16 million different color options to set the perfect mood. This luxurious, translucent lamp projects 16,777,216 different colors of accent light using only 4 LEDs. It features a rounded, transparent design with a sweeping cone-shaped interior, a flat bottom for stability and is cool to the touch, since LEDs emit no heat. The lamp produces up to 120 lumens, from an ambient glow to a bright beam of pure white light or any primary, secondary, or tertiary color with 256 different hues, 256 levels of saturation and 256 brightness settings. To find the perfect shade of color, just slide your finger over the remote control's innovative touch-sensitive color wheel or increase or decrease the lighting intensity or saturation with the included dimmer functions. If you're tired of the boring single color lightbulb and want to experience the full spectrum of illumination, this lamp is absolutely amazing.


  • Color combinations help create a unique atmosphere that fits a particular moment
  • Projects 16 million colors: 256 colors by 256 dimmer sets by 256 saturation sets
  • 4 LED's (2 red, 1 blue, 1 green)
  • Iconic design with its translucent outer-envelop
  • Dimmer function: increase or reduce light intensity
  • Touch-sensitive color wheel and intuitive remote control
  • Rounded, transparent design with a sweeping cone-shaped interior and a flat bottom for stability
  • Cool to the touch - LEDs emit no heat
  • Lifespan: 8-10 years based on an average use of 1-1/2 hours per day

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