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DIY Dinosaur Lamps

DIY Dinosaur Lamps

If you're a dinosaur lover or a paleontologist looking for a unique table lamp, check out these cool new, yet very prehistoric DIY Dinosaur Lamps. Like an origami puzzle, these dinosaur lamps need to be put together from precision cut sheets of flexible plastic that feature easy slot together construction. When finished, you'll have a little T-Rex, Diplodocus or Triceratops glowing sculpture / lamp. Don't worry though, these fearsome looking Jurassic lights are relatively harmless, but remember life, uh... finds a way.


  • T-Rex, Diplodocus or Triceratops
  • Glowing Dinosaur Lamps that you can build yourself
  • Constructed from precision cut sheets of flexible plastic
  • Easy slot together construction
  • Clear directions with detailed photographs of each step
  • Completed lamps stand about 13" high depending on dinosaur
  • Includes 120V AC cord and switch
  • Does NOT include bulb, you need to provide your own
  • Requires a candelabra style bulb (E12 North America, E10 & E11 in Europe)

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