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Light Up LED Balloons on a Stick

Light Up LED Balloons on a Stick

Light Up LED Balloons on a Stick

Ordinary everyday balloons are sort of fun I guess, when I was like 4 years old, but these cool new Light Up LED Balloons on a Stick are amazing for people of all ages. These magical transparent PVC balloons have internal multicolor LEDs, inflate up to 15 inches, and include a long attachable stick. I would probably just fill them with helium, attach to a super long kite string, and float a ton of them up in the sky at night to set off an alien invasion hoax in the neighborhood.

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  • Amazing light up and glow balloons on a stick
  • Balloon is approximately 15 inches when inflated
  • Made of PVC
  • Stick is 24 inches
  • Replaceable AAA batteries included
  • Multicolor LEDs on a thin wire
  • Not for use with hydrogen!
  • Includes 3 balloons for assembly!

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