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Drop Rainbow Bath Light

Drop Rainbow Bath Light

Drop Rainbow Bath Light

The cool new Drop Rainbow Bath Light is a little waterproof, water drop-shaped lamp that floats and illuminates when it comes into contact with water. It makes baths more tranquil and relaxing as it floats around slowly cycling through the entire color spectrum. It can even be used in swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, or anywhere with water that needs some ambient illumination. Check out the demo video below to see it in action.


  • Create a tranquil and colorful ambiance in your bath tub
  • Slowly cycles through the entire color spectrum
  • Lights up when the base comes into contact with water
  • Made from a waterproof and satisfyingly-smooth plastic
  • Better, safer and more romantic than using a dozen tea-lights
  • Float it in a bowl of water for a minimalist interior light feature
  • Also great for ponds, hot tubs, swimming pools, and more

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