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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair

IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair

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This cool new IllumiChair is a modern outdoor color-changing chair that illuminates from within to provide colorful ambient lighting to your patio or poolside. It contains bright internal LEDs that can either cycle through 16 different hues or lock into a single color and can also be set to flash or fade at various speeds, all via an included remote control. It features IP65 water-resistance to withstand the natural elements outdoors and a rechargeable battery that keeps it lit for up to 24 hours - no unsightly power cords to look at or trip over while entertaining. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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IllumiChair - LED Color-Changing Outdoor Chair
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