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Wind 'N Go Vers-a-Light - Weatherproof Hand-Crank Flashlight / Lantern

Wind 'N Go Vers-a-Light - Weatherproof Hand-Crank Flashlight / Lantern

The cool new Wind 'N Go Vers-a-Light is a weatherproof hand crank flashlight, lantern, and emergency beacon all-in-one with no need for batteries. It's 16 super bright LEDS and 3 red LEDS can be powered using its built-in hand crank dynamo charger for 2-3 minutes to provide 40 minutes of light or via USB or the AC/DC input to fully charge it up for up to 10 hours of illumination. It features a detachable handle with hook for hanging in a tent or tree, 3 magnets on the back to secure to metal objects, has high or low setting, and has a S.O.S. signal flash mode for emergencies. The perfect little versatile light for camping, power outages, emergencies, exploring, automotive, or whenever you need to light up the darkness.

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  • Extremely bright, self-powered, and compact 19 LED lantern and S.O.S. beacon in a weatherproof housing
  • Charges 4 Ways: Hand crank dynamo charger, USB charging, AC/DC input for charging with either 12V or 120V adapter
  • Hand crank for 2-3 minutes and have up to 40 minutes of power
  • 16 White LEDs can be set for either high or low illumination
  • 3 red LEDs can be used for steady glow
  • S.O.S. signal flash
  • Hang it in a tent or from a tree, use the magnets to attach it to a car or other metal object
  • Detachable handle with hook
  • 3 magnets on the back to secure to metal objects
  • Fully charged provides up to 10 hours of light
  • Size: 3.9" L x 3.9" W x 1.6" H

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