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4th Dimension Concrete Wrist Watch

4th Dimension Concrete Wrist Watch

4th Dimension Concrete Wrist Watch

Take your time-keeping to the next dimension when you combine time and space using this cool new 4th Dimension Wrist Watch from 22 Design. This unique watch doesn't run apps, monitor your health, or let you actually alter the spacetime continuum, but it does tell the current time on a seriously cool concrete spiral staircase-like relief face encased under a sapphire glass lens all strapped down to your wrist with leather. There's no numerals on the dial, but the hands, controlled by MIYOTA movement, and the shadows from the steps make it easy to read.

Also available as a Concrete Wall Clock.

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  • Designer: 22 Design Studio
  • Wrist watch with a concrete face in spiral staircase-like relief (the shadows help tell the time)
  • High-density concrete
  • Sapphire glass lens
  • Stainless steel case, bronze crown, and leather strap.
  • MIYOTA movement
  • Size: 1.7" x 0.6"

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