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Tikker - Countdown to Death Watch

Tikker - Countdown to Death Watch

Tikker - Countdown to Death Watch

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A regular wristwatch will tell you the current time in the present, which is sorta helpful, but wouldn't it be morbidly kinda cool to have a watch that counts down the time to your inevitable death, so you can be motivated to make every second count? The cool new Tikker Death Watch may look like a nice wristwatch (doesn't run any apps or track you, which is great), but after calculating the year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second of your time of death based on a series of questions, it begins your final countdown. Yes, it also tells the current time, but I think the death countdown is sorta ingenious to keep you mindful of wasted time and get the most out of your life that is constantly ticking away, second by second. It doesn't completely predict the future, so a rogue killer asteroid or something isn't figured into the formula, but you will get the general idea as you get closer and closer to the end. :)

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