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Dottling Gyrowinder - The Ultimate Watch Winder

Dottling Gyrowinder - The Ultimate Watch Winder

Dottling Gyrowinder - The Ultimate Watch Winder


The cool new Dottling Gyrowinder is an object that brings luxurious form and highly-precise engineered function to a whole new dimension of pure excess. At first glance, you may think you're looking at powerful and mysterious alien technology that could possibly open up interdimensional portals and even bend time and space with ease. Nope, it's an $18,000 watch winder from Germany.

This luxurious watch winder is meticulously handcrafted and assembled in Germany by artisans over a four-week period and secures your wristwatch in the center of a 360° gyroscope of four hand-polished aluminum concentric rings, allowing it completely free rotation in all directions - including a complete rollover. Not only will it keep your self-winding watch properly wound, it will put it on display under a hand-blown, crystal glass dome with four crisp white LED spotlights illuminating the jaw-dropping engineering spectacle of it all. It's propelled by a whisper-quiet electric motor, pauses automatically to prevent overwinding, and includes a set of counterweights to individually balance each wristwatch you own.

Sure, it's total glorious overkill, but if you're an eccentric billionaire who enjoys the finer things in life, then I recommend splurging on a few of them. Check out this VIDEO to see one in action. Cool huh?

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