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Animal Friendly Cardboard Trophy Head Busts - Rhino, Deer and Moose

Animal Friendly Cardboard Trophy Head Busts - Rhino, Deer and Moose

Hunting is one thing, but hanging the poor animal's head on a wall as a trophy is something else entirely. Unless it's a Tyrannosaurus Rex Trophy Head, the head of that crazy bear that just ate your kids or maybe the head or heads of that pesky gang of evil nut-throwing squirrels that keep trying to take out your power lines, er ahem. In other words, it's just kind of uncool to brag about killing something by hanging its head in victory after you probably shot it from afar while it was completely unaware. Do you punch babies and brag too? Well unless that animal really had it coming or just outright attacked you (you probably deserved it), there are some cool new alternatives to traditional trophy head hanging.

Try celebrating animals instead of shooting them up with hot lead and arrows with these Animal Friendly Cardboard Trophy Head Busts. These unique animal busts are actually large puzzles that you put together made up of precision laser-cut 100% recyclable cardboard pieces. Once completed, you end up with a cool cardboard trophy head of a Rhino, Moose or Deer that you can proudly hang in your office, cubicle or yes, even in your den.

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