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Verilux Rise and Shine - Alarm Clock Lamp

Verilux Rise and Shine - Alarm Clock Lamp

Verilux Rise and Shine - Alarm Clock Lamp

Everyone needs a good alarm clock. Everyone needs a bedside lamp. Finally the two have been combined into the cool Verilux Rise and Shine Alarm Clock & Bedside Lamp. By combining the two, the alarm can be set to gradually light the lamp to simulate a sunrise and also includes an AM/FM radio, natural spectrum lighting, 8 different sound effects and even a free pillow. Seems like a great idea to me to wake by light rather than a jarring alarm, but I will have trouble waking up no matter what. Now I will probably just toss the whole lamp across the bedroom.

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  • Four-in-one AM/FM radio; soothing sounds with 8 selections; Verilux® Natural Spectrum® reading lamp; and silent Natural Alarm Clock®.
  • Slide gently from deep sleep to natural alertness — coaxed awake by the gradual brightening of a simulated sunrise.
  • Lamp slowly brightens, and speaker volume increases, over a 5- to 60-minute time span. At night, the process reverses.
  • Energy-saving 60W bulb provides 150W brightness and lasts 2,000 hours.
  • LCD backlight offers 7 different hues, with high/low brightness.
  • Pillow Speaker included free.
  • Plugs into standard outlet; settings backed by 4 AA batteries.

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