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Secur Mini Collapsible Lantern / Flashlight / Phone Charger

Secur Mini Collapsible Lantern / Flashlight / Phone Charger

The cool new Secur Mini Collapsible Storm Lantern combines a pop-out LED lantern, a handy flashlight when collapsed, and a USB cell phone charger on the side, all powered without any batteries using a hand crank dynamo charger on top. Perfect space-saving illumination device for camping, in the glove box in case of automotive emergencies, power outages, and more. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.


  • Lantern / Flashlight / Cell Phone Charger
  • Compact telescoping lantern collapses for easy storage
  • When collapsed, functions as a flashlight
  • Built-in dynamo charger - never needs batteries
  • Two power level lantern
  • Can also be charged via computer, DC lighter adapter, or AC adapter
  • Can charge cell phones or other digital devices
  • Hanging ring

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