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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree

Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree

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Some people enjoy white lights on a Christmas tree and others enjoy multicolored ones. The solution to this decorative dilemma is get one of these cool new Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree. This gorgeous prelit Noble fir is strung with 1,000 LEDs that change from white to multicolored with the touch of a button. It also features 3,970 three-dimensional, injection-molded branch tips that replicate the exact growth patterns, curved, prickly needles, and branch silhouettes of a freshly cut Noble Fir, long branches made from sturdy, large ornament supporting 18-gauge wire and patented technology that ensures that the rest of the strand remains illuminated if a bulb is broken or burns out. Cool idea.

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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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Switchable Color Prelit Christmas Tree
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