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Water Trapper Christmas Tree Mat

Water Trapper Christmas Tree Mat

Water Trapper Christmas Tree Mat

If you enjoy the old-fashioned tradition of chopping down a beautiful healthy Christmas tree, dragging it inside your home, propping it up in your living room, spilling and splashing water all over the floor in a futile effort to keep it alive until it inevitably dries up, drops needles everywhere, and dies, and then throwing it on top of billions of other discarded dead trees in a mountainous landfill, then check out this cool new Water Trapper Christmas Tree Mat. This festive floor protecting mat is made from heavy-duty, commercial-grade recycled fibers with a rubber backing that traps Christmas tree water spillage and leaks that can stain floors and ruin carpeting. It features a raised ridge to contain large spills, won't fade, rot, or break down, is mold and mildew resistant, comes in either green or red in three designs (reindeer, snowflakes, and Christmas trees), and is made in the USA.

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