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Garden Critter Solar Lights

Garden Critter Solar Lights

Garden Critter Solar Lights

Send your no good lazy garden gnomes on a permanent trip somewhere and populate your lawn with these cool new Garden Critter Solar Lights instead. Not only are these fun gopher and raccoon sculptures super cute, they also wear glasses that light up at night using solar-power collected during the day. These helpful critters are perfect for illuminating pathways, startling people who come across them, or just lighting up other lawn ornaments. They're cast from rugged weather-proof polyresin, have solar panels on their backs, bright LED lights for eyes, and on/off switches in case their utter adorableness becomes just too much for you to handle.

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  • Liven up your lawn with these cute light-up creatures
  • Their goggled eyes glow at night
  • Choose from Gopher or Raccoon
  • Solar panel on the back
  • Cast from rugged weather-proof polyresin
  • On/Off switch, just in case you don't want them lighting up

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