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Merry-Go-Round Lawn Sprinkler

Merry-Go-Round Lawn Sprinkler

Merry-Go-Round Lawn Sprinkler

Add a bit more excitement and whimsical fun to your yard when you water it with this cool new yet quite retro-inspired Melnor Merry-Go-Round Lawn Sprinkler. As the colorful horses go merrily around and around and around the circular design of this lawn sprinkler, a gentle and even watering spray erupts from the 15 spray nozzles on the top that can water up to 1,900 square feet of circular coverage. Just don't forget to play some classical merry-go-round music for the full experience and I'm sure all your old action figures will want to take turns riding the horses too. Hmm, disregard all those nosey neighbors watching you play with a water sprinkler all afternoon while blaring carnival music. They're just jealous.

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  • Enjoy fun and entertainment while watering your lawn with the Merry-Go-Round Sprinkler
  • Whimsical merry-go-round design with moving horse characters
  • Circular coverage ensures even watering of your grass while the ponies move with playfulness
  • 15 spray nozzles
  • Waters up to 1,900 sq. ft. of circular coverage
  • Gentle spray for even coverage
  • Size: 8.7" H x 9.4" W x 10.4" D - 1.9 lbs

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