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Self-Winding Garden Hose Reel - Powered By Water!

Self-Winding Garden Hose Reel - Powered By Water!

Self-Winding Garden Hose Reel - Powered By Water!

The problem with the garden hose has always been the garden hose itself. It isn't exactly easy to put it away. Sure you have a couple of options like coiling it up yourself and leaving it either sit out or hanging it up, using a storage hose reel where you have to manually wind up the muddy wet hose yourself making sure it winds up evenly or some just leave it out in the grass in an unsightly tangled mess all summer. Well all these problems go away with the cool new water-powered Self-Winding Garden Hose Reel. This hose reel automatically winds the hose back up into a decorative hardwood box using an internal, water-propulsion winding mechanism. Just let the water continue to run, pull the lever and it effortlessly rewinds up to 100 feet of 5/8" hose. The hose is wound evenly using a built-in tracking guide. The hose automatically stops when it reaches the end and all excess water is dispensed from a drainage hose. Perfect solution for annoying hoses.

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  • Power of water pressure rewinds the hose
  • Simple, safe and easy to use: no batteries or electricity required
  • Features a durable yellow Balau hardwood casing
  • Hose capacity up to 100 feet x 5/8" or 150 feet x 1/2" (hose not included)
  • Includes an auto sort guide for even winding

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