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VillaWare Pizza Grill - Brick Oven Style Pizza at Home!

VillaWare Pizza Grill - Brick Oven Style Pizza at Home!

I just bought a new gas grill for Green Head HQ to appease our desire for endless summer BBQing. However, I have decided to learn how to grill something entirely new besides the usual amateurish burgers, brats, sausages, steaks and chops. I want to grill pizza! I know that sounds a bit weird, but with the VillaWare Pizza Grill I can transform my gas grill into a full blown pizza oven to bake the ultimate brick oven style pizzas.

The Pizza Grill is basically a high quality rectangular-shaped pizza stone that rests in a stainless steel frame that you place on the grill. The design allows it to bake the pizza at much higher temperatures than a traditional oven and results in a perfect gourmet pizza with a crisp light crust and bubbling hot toppings. The delightful aromas of summer BBQ are about to be changed forever!


  • Pizza grill for baking brick-oven-style pizzas on outdoor gas grill
  • Rectangular-shaped pizza stone set in stainless-steel frame
  • Built-in thermometer for accurately gauging temperature of grill
  • Backsplash; back slot where loose crumbs can be swept
  • Measures approximately 12 by 15 by 5 inches; 1-year warranty

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