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Grill Soaker

Grill Soaker

Grill Soaker

It's grilling season again and it's time to get your grill ready for a long summer of BBQ fun and fire. If you're like me, you put your grill away last Fall without properly cleaning it, only to discover a real burned-on mess stuck to the grates. I know some of you think this adds flavor or that it will burn away eventually, but wouldn't it be nice to start the season fresh, without a grease fire and without pieces of charred remains from last year stuck all over your food? The Grill Soaker is the perfect solution!

The Grill Soaker is the easiest way to clean your grill's grates without much effort at all. Simply fill this unique tub with warm water and a grease remover and drop the grates in. In no time, the grates will be good as new and ready for the summer. Sure you could do the same thing in your sink, but the sink isn't big enough to soak the grates properly and those grill cleaning tools and brushes require me to work and it's too nice out for that nonsense. Happy BBQing!

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  • Burned-on messes disappear with almost no work
  • Large enough to fit most grates
  • Size: 23-1/2" sq.

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