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Mallow Lance - Medieval Marshmallow Toaster

Mallow Lance - Medieval Marshmallow Toaster

Mallow Lance - Medieval Marshmallow Toaster

After a grueling day of jousting and boring meetings around the Round Table, kick back with your fellow knights around a campfire, grab some marshmallows and roast them in style using this cool new Mallow Lance. This fun marshmallow toaster is styled like a medieval jousting lance with handles designed to protect your hands from the heat and a pack of 10 wooden skewers (refill with any standard wooden skewers) for holding the marshmallows in the fire. Unless you are wearing chain mail and full armor, please don't engage in any competitive jousting battles, just stick to the marshmallow roasting.

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  • Toast marshmallows and not your fingers
  • Fun without the worry as the plastic handles protect your hands and the long wooden spears mean you can stand well back from the fire
  • Comes with 2 lance handles and a pack of 10 refill wooden skewers
  • Reusable - will fit any standard skewers on sale in the supermarkets.

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