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Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar

Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar

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If you ever actually get your mouth washed out with soap, skip the LifeBuoy Soap>/a>, and go with this cool new Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar instead. This uncanny bar of hand soap looks exactly like a tasty steak just pulled from a flaming hot grill. It's not just for hungry carnivores who need to wash their hands before dinner, because it's made from coconut oil with no animal products used making it oddly Vegan-friendly too. It's also perfect for mischievous pranksters and fun gag gifts, especially to Vegans and vegetarians.

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Kikkerland Magnetic Soap Holder
Help prevent messy soap build-up on your counter and extend the life of a bar of soap by keeping it dry, all through the amazing power of magnetism.
Mason Jar Condiment / Soap Dispensers
This genuine Ball mason jar's screw-on canning lid has been integrated with a pump allowing it to dispense everything from ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and other condiments to soaps and lotions as well.
Disney Soap Pump Top - Dispenses Soap in the Shape of Mickey's Head
Disney-inspired soap pump top dispenses foamy hand soap in the shape of Mickey's head!
Prank Hand Sanitizer - Really Works and Smells Like Ass!
This typical little squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer gel with aloe vera is completely real, except this funny prank version smells like total ass when it's applied to the hands.
C-Pump - Back-of-the-Hand Hygienic Soap Dispenser
Rather than getting something nasty all over the pump when using a traditional liquid soap bottle, this innovative one lets you use the back of your hand to press down and dispense in a more hygienic manner.
Soap Leaves
While this pile of leaves may look like the real thing sitting on your bathroom counter, they're actually made from honey-scented soap that is hand-poured over real mango tree leaves.
Soap Flakes - Soap Bar Dispensers
Designer Nathalie Staempfli has come up with a pair of cool new soap dispensers that grate soap bars into little, dissolvable flakes!
Duke Cannon Buffalo Trace Bourbon Bar Soap - Oak Barrel Scented
This big brick of soap that's 2 to 3 times the size of a typical bar of soap has actual Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey added along with small bits of ground corn to help exfoliate the skin and has a rich, oak barrel scent rather than bourbon, so you won't smell like you stumbled out of a bar after you step from the shower
Magnetic Soap Holder
Suspends a bar of soap in mid-air to not only extend the life of the soap, but also to prevent the nasty soap scum that builds up in the bottom of a soap dish.

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Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
This unique double-sided Italian grilling stone conducts heat evenly, like cast iron, never rusts and features a raised grill surface on one side and a flat griddle on the other.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
This reusable grill smoking pouch is made from fine mesh stainless steel that limits airflow so wood chips smolder longer with flavorful white smoke.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
Sprays a micro-thin layer of flavor to help keep food on the grill extra moist and delicious!
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
Grilled Jalapenos and stuffed Jalapeno poppers are the best appetizers and now they are easy to make right at home on your barbeque grill.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
This cool new BioLite Smokeless FirePit / Grill is powered with normal firewood logs and then super-powered with a rechargeable PowerPack that controls airflow through 51 jets in the burn chamber to dramatically improve oxygen circulation for ultra-efficient combustion and smokeless flames.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
This SWAT vest / grilling apron has an authentic modular MOLLE system of webbing, loops, pouches, and clips for holding and attaching various BBQ utensils, condiments, spices, and more.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
It clamps onto almost any grill hood and has 4 super bright LEDs to illuminate the grilling area and 2 pivoting fans to blow smoke away and help keep you cool.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
This fun marshmallow toaster is styled like a medieval jousting lance with handles designed to protect your hands from the heat and a pack of 10 refillable wooden skewers for holding the marshmallows in the fire.
Hyper-Realistic Grilled Steak Soap Bar
The perfect sized wooden planks for grilling gourmet burgers on to add extra mouth-watering, smoky flavor!

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