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Blossom Butterfly Feeder Stake

Blossom Butterfly Feeder Stake

Blossom Butterfly Feeder Stake

This spring, attract beneficial pollinators to your porch, patio, or balcony and enjoy the colorful beauty of nature at the same time with this cool new Blossom Butterfly Feeder Stake. This flower-shaped metal butterfly feeder stakes into planters, container gardens, or elevated garden boxes and has a glass bowl in the heart of the flower with a rolled wool-blend felt insert that wicks up nectar that you supply to attract plenty of butterflies to your yard. If you don't have nectar to serve them, you can also fill the bowl with orange slices as well. Hmm, if you place enough of these butterfly feeders around your backyard, it just might look like your home is set in the middle of a magical fairy tale.

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