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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue

Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue

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Forget the usual garden gnomes, plastic pink flamingoes, gazing balls, and big fancy fountains, because what your lawn really needs to tie all the landscaping together is this cool new, yet quite prehistoric Charging Titan Triceratops Dinosaur Statue. This massive, full-sized Triceratops dinosaur statue measures nearly 20 feet long, stands 10 feet tall, and is posed in such a way to seem as if it's charging across your lawn with its huge three-horned shielded head. Although it may seem like life found a way to bring back this mighty dinosaur from extinction, but it's actually just crafted from quality designer resin that has been reinforced with fiberglass for strength and realistically hand-painted. While the Triceratops was likely a herbivore, unfortunately you'll still need to mow around this mighty beast. Yes, I'm aware that dinosaurs probably had feathers, but that wouldn't look nearly as cool or terrifying.

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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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Massive Lifesize Charging Triceratops Dinosaur Statue
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